Gulf Extrusions

Gulf Extrusions


Founded in 1976, Gulf Extrusions is one of the largest aluminium extrusion producers in the Middle East with an annual capacity of 75,000 mt. With two plants situated strategically adjacent to world-class aluminium smelters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Gulf Extrusions serves customers throughout the GCC, Middle East, India, Africa, Europe and beyond.

With a reputation for innovation, Gulf Extrusions boasts tens of thousands of profile designs for architectural, transportation, engineering and structural applications. Its high standards of quality control and consistency also mean Gulf Extrusions has been selected for many prestigious projects such as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Park in Saudi Arabia, the Strata SE1 building in London and Johannesburg Airport Expansion.

The core of Gulf Extrusions success has always rested in a corporate culture that promotes growth and fosters innovation through implementing latest product developments, new solutions and best practices of the aluminium applications in all sectors.We believe in systematically implementing the international standards for achieving excellence in all areas of our business and operations.

From the development and incorporation of cutting-edge technology to the creation of forward-thinking strategies, we thrive on innovating new solutions, seizing opportunities and raising the standards across everything we do at all business departments.

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