Recruitment Journey

Recruitment Journey

As the largest conglomerate business Group in the UAE, Al Ghurair Group aims to be an attractive employer, providing opportunities for our people to develop their skills and reach their potential in a work environment conducive to success. Here at the Group, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and diverse workplace that values talent from all backgrounds.

We value motivated and passionate individuals who want to make an impact and join our team of talented professionals. We believe in creating an exceptional candidate experience throughout our recruitment process. We are committed to providing timely feedback and open communication, ensuring that candidates are always aware of the application status. We also strive to ensure that every candidate has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Online application

We encourage interested candidates to apply for our open positions through our online application system. Candidates can browse available positions and submit their application for consideration. This provides us with essential information about your qualifications, skills, and experience, allowing us to evaluate your fit for the role.

Screening and shortlisting

Once applications are submitted, companies begin the screening and shortlisting process. Our recruitment team carefully reviews each application and assesses the candidate's skills, qualifications, and experience. We then shortlist candidates who meet our criteria and invite them to the next stage of our recruitment process.


Shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in one or more interviews, depending on the position. You may also be asked to complete an online or written assessment. The purpose of the interview stage is to assess a candidate’s suitability for the position and cultural fit within the Group. The interviews may be conducted in person or virtually and may involve various members of our team, including hiring managers and technical experts.


After the interview process, we evaluate each candidate's performance and suitability for the role. We make a selection based on our assessment. This stage involves evaluating the interviewed candidates and offering the position to the one who best meets the company’s requirements. Upon completion of hiring formalities, we extend an offer to the successful candidate.